The Wave Model of Light

Sunset at Sauble Beach Ontario

The Ray Model of Light can't explain everything that we can observe about light. Thinking about light rays as waves can help us understand how light behaves in these cases; this is called the Wave Model of Light. At sunset when the sun is low in th sky, the light waves sometimes hit tiny particles in the atmosphere. Most of the waves bounce off and scatter, but some of the waves (the colours red, yellow and orange) refract and bend around the particles so we can see them.

Parts of a Wave

This BBC website describes the parts of a wave and how to calculate frequency. Introduction to Waves Pay attention, there is a quiz at the end.

This is a summary of Introduction to Waves.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

 The PowerPoint presentation introduces the electromagnetic spectrum.

This BBC website demonstrates the different types of light found on the electromagnetic spectrum. The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Turn on the subtitles if you have trouble understanding the narrator's British accent.

Lasers and Fibre Optics depend on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

This very short PowerPoint presentation demonstrates just two of the ways that Scientific knowledge about how the electromagnetic spectrum works is used in every day life.