Machines are used for many purposes in our daily lives when we need to transfer energy into motion or move materials in a controlled way.
Pressure Valve

Focusing Questions: How is energy transferred in mechanical devices? How do mechanical devices provide for controlled application of energy in ways that are efficient, effective and responsible?

Key Concepts
  • design and function
  • systems and subsystems
  • transmission of force and motion
  • simple machines
  • mechanical advantage, speed ratios and force ratios
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • measurement of work in joules

Mechanical Systems

Topic 1 Levers and Inclined Planes

Topic 2 The Wheel and Axle, Gears and Pulleys

Topic 3 Energy, Friction and Efficiency

Topic 4 Force Pressure and Area

Topic 5 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Topic 6 Combining Systems

Topic 7 Machines Throughout History

Topic 8 People and Machines

Simple Machines Links and Activities