Unit 1 Light and Optical Systems

Glossary for Topics 1-3
When Light Strikes (transparent, translucent and opaque)

This is the alternate assignment for students who didn't go on the trip to the eye doctor
Glossary for Topics 4-5

Glossary for Topics 6-8

Unit 2 Cells and Systems

microscope to label and hand in with booklet

This is an individual project, it is due on January 5th, but can be handed in earlier

Tracing a Drop of Water Through a Plant (8-3 only)

For practice only

Not for marks

My observations and the questions for the bean lab are at

This alternate activity was completed by students who did not complete the Human Body Response Lab

This assignment was only completed by the 8-3s

You are what you eat

Practice Cells and System Test

Unit 3 Mix and Flow of Matter

Unit 4 Water

Unit 5 Mechanical Systems

BLM 4-2 combined with BLM 4-3