Unit 1 Light and Optical Systems

Glossary for Topics 1-3
When Light Strikes (transparent, translucent and opaque)

This is the alternate assignment for students who didn't go on the trip to the eye doctor
Glossary for Topics 4-5

Glossary for Topics 6-8

Unit 2 Cells and Systems

microscope to label and hand in with booklet

This is an individual project, it is due on January 5th, but can be handed in earlier

Tracing a Drop of Water Through a Plant (8-3 only)

For practice only

Not for marks

My observations and the questions for the bean lab are at jessenscience.edublogs.org/2011/11/04/bean-observation-lab/

This alternate activity was completed by students who did not complete the Human Body Response Lab

This assignment was only completed by the 8-3s

You are what you eat

Practice Cells and System Test

Unit 3 Mix and Flow of Matter

Unit 4 Water

Unit 5 Mechanical Systems

BLM 4-2 combined with BLM 4-3