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The goal of science is knowledge about the natural world.

• Scientific knowledge develops through observation, experimentation, the discovery of patterns and relationships, and the proposal of explanations.

• Scientific knowledge results from the shared work of many people over time.

• Scientific knowledge is subject to change as new evidence is gathered and new interpretations of data are made.

• The process of scientific investigation includes:

– clearly defining research questions or ideas to be tested

– developing procedures for investigation

– preparing accurate records of observations and measurements

– evaluating ideas through critical examination of evidence.

• Scientific ideas are conceptual inventions that help organize, interpret and explain findings.

Grade 8 Science is based on 4 Foundations:

  • Science, Technology and Society (STS)—develop an understanding of the nature of science and technology, the relationships between science and technology, and the social and environmental contexts of science and technology.

  • Knowledge—construct knowledge and understandings of concepts in life science, physical science and Earth and space science, and apply these understandings to interpret, integrate and extend your knowledge.

  • Skills—develop the skills required for scientific and technological inquiry, for solving problems, for communicating scientific ideas and results, for working collaboratively and for making informed decisions.

  • Attitudes—develop attitudes that support the responsible acquisition and application of scientific and technological knowledge to the mutual benefit of self, society and the environment

From Alberta Science Outcomes grades 7, 8 and 9, 2003